Aerial Imaging Oahu
4K Drone Video & Photography

At Aerial Imaging Oahu, our professionalism, creative vision, and technical skill sets us apart from the rest. Allow us to assist with your project and provide professional 4k drone video and photography.

I'm an FAA certified UAS Remote pilot and each commercial flight is fully insured.

Ordering process

Step 1: Send us a detailed description of your project/imaging needs through our quote form.

Step 2: We will inspect the location using Google Earth Pro to determine the best lighting conditions and time to film your project.

Step 3: We will visit the site and film as required.

Step 4: We will edit/color correct the footage and send to you for any feedback. We will adjust as required until you're 100% satisfied.

Step 5: You implement your 4k video/images across your website, social media accounts, email list, etc.